Rosemary Laack
Rosemary Laack
Rosemary Laack
Rosemary Laack

You're Hired! - Career Search Essentials for Today's Job Market
Starting a job search can be an overwhelming and stress-provoking experience for some people. But it doesn't have to be for you... Not if you approach it in the right way. Now, you CAN have a successful job search, using the tips and tricks you will find in this informative e-book!

What You'll Find in This E-book ($15)
With all the conflicting information that exists about today's job search process, it is often hard to figure out the right approach to make your best first impression. Perhaps you've been wondering about how to format your résumé, what questions to ask at the interview or how do find the right career for you. Well, be confused no more! The You're Hired! e-book will show you:

•   How to Define Your Career Objective
•   Preparing a Compelling, Professional Résumé
•   How to Nail the Job Interview
•   Discovering the Hidden Job Market
•   Networking for Success

Whether you're a recent college graduate or seasoned career veteran, You're Hired! - Career Search Essentials for Today's Job Market will be there to help you in your next job hunt. Don't miss out on finding your dream career! Pick up this e-book today for only $15.


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