Rosemary Laack
Rosemary Laack
Rosemary Laack
Rosemary Laack

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Conflict Management for Successful People
In today's tumultuous job market, successful individuals stay ahead of the curve by understanding how to handle difficult people and situations with poise and confidence. In just one day, you will understand what causes office conflict, and how to overcome it with numerous tools, tips and tricks. If you are looking to enhance relationships, build trust and improve productivity while increasing your own career potential, then this is the seminar for you!

The Powerful, Promotable Person: Assertive Communication for All Occasions
In today's workplace, you face special communication challenges in your daily life. If you speak up too much, you are viewed as aggressive. However, if you do not speak up enough, you may be taken advantage of or even overlooked completely! Well, this energizing seminar is your opportunity to learn how to tactfully speak up for yourself, voice your opinions, give or receive feedback, and say "no" without guilt. And that's only the beginning. Get ready to impress others with your new "power communication" that will deliver overwhelming results and command respect.

Business Success & Leadership Programs

Power Success Ed Session

Career Launcher Bootcamp - New Hire Training for Recent College Grads
You've got the degree(s). You've worked your way to a great job. Now what? How can you most effectively contribute to your organization and increase your value at your present company? In other words, how can you get ahead faster? While your conventional education nurtured your functional performance, it may have omitted critical personal development and emotional intelligence skills, which may be necessary to succeed in the "real world." This seminar is the most comprehensive training program designed to help college graduates or newer employees transition effectively into the work environment. So if you're ready to succeed, we'll help you get there even faster!

Success Strategies for Managers and Supervisors
You've proven that you have what it takes to excel in your area of expertise. And now, they'd like you to manage subordinates to help them follow in your footsteps. However, this requires new skills. Specifically, you'll learn how to deliver clear communication, organize conflicting priorities, delegate responsibilities, manage poor performance and boost your new team's productivity. More importantly, you'll gain valuable insight on how to effectively transition from worker to supervisor for greater respect. You'll leave with numerous tools you can implement immediately, so be prepared to shine brighter than you have before!

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Powerful Public Speaking for Professionals
Public speaking is not just about getting up in front of large groups and making formal presentations. The reality is that the higher you move up the ladder, the greater the expectation will be that you can articulate your thoughts and ideas with poise at meetings, with clients, executive management or the public. Think about how you communicate today. Can you "wow" an audience and persuade them to buy-in to your ideas effectively? Can you overcome stage fright in any speaking situation? In this fun, enlightening seminar, you'll learn how to reduce nervousness, manage verbal fillers (e.g. "ah," "um"), keep your audience awake and engaged, handle the unexpected and organize your thoughts for a winning speaking style. With your powerful presentation skills, your career will be headed to new heights (and your pocketbook will thank you for it)!

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