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Rosemary Laack
Rosemary Laack
Rosemary Laack

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Power & Success for the Multiculturally Minded
As a second generation Cuban American, Rosemary understands the challenges of multiculturalism in the modern era. In this inspirational talk using real life examples, students will discover how to utilize their uniqueness to harness unstoppable personal power and success at work and in life.

Power & Success for Women
What do Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Judge Judy and Madonna all have in common? They understand the secret to becoming successful women. Having excelled a singer, business executive, and entrepreneur, Rosemary understands this secret as well. In this life changing program, she wil share several valuable principles that every woman should know. So get inspired to take immediate action in college and your future career!

Takin' Back the Power: A Critical Look at Women & the Media
Women today face unique issues that sabotage their personal power and success. With media attention focused on excessive partying and dieting, it can be difficult to develop self-confidence and maintain a winning mindset. Be prepared as Rosemary gives students a whole new way to look at power and success for the new millenium.

Power Success Ed Session

The Power Career Series

You're Hired! Resume & Interview Tips That Get Results
In this fun-filled keynote, Rosemary shares winning tips for both resumes and interviewing that will get you the job--every time! Balanced with hilarious examples of "what-not-to-do," students will leave with a winning strategy for getting hired. Whether your students are getting ready for internships or the real world, this speech--chockfull of humor and information--is not to be missed! (Note: This program can also be conducted as an in-depth half-day workshop.)

The Powerful, Promotable Woman: Assertive Communication for College & Career
Women who know how to present themselves confidently and effectively benefit from huge advantages in business including higher salaries, more promotions and a better quality of life. Learning key assertive communication skills before entering the workplace will not only give you a strong leg up over your competition, but will make you a top candidate for the best job offers in this shaky economy. Join Rosemary as she helps you better speak up for yourself, voice your opinions and get more of what you want in every situation—whether it is in college or beyond.

"The real world is a

Career Launcher Bootcamp
In this highly lauded workshop, students learn the "A-Zs" of creating the most rewarding career possible. This program shares "real world" strategies for success in an internship or on the job. After this workshop, students will have a strong leg up over their competition in the workplace.

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Powerful Organizational Strategies

"TEAM" Is Not a Four Letter Word: Managing Friction in Organizations & Groups
Everyone can relate to the out-of-control emotions, anger and resentment caused by unresolved disagreements, whether they be at home, in college or in the workplace. Given her extensive experience, Rosemary has seen her fair share of conflict in groups and organizations and has developed several fail-safe strategies to help settle discord and build stronger relationships. Now, she will share her secrets with you, so that your teams can benefit from higher productivity and a better quality of life. Oh, and did we mention that this is one of the most highly sought-after skills in the workplace? Don’t miss out on these life-changing strategies!

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