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Rosemary Laack
Rosemary Laack
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You're Hired! - Career Search Essentials for Today's Job Market
Starting a job search can be an overwhelming and stress-provoking experience for some people. But it doesn't have to be for you... Not if you approach it in the right way. Now, you CAN have a successful job search, using the tips and tricks you will find in this informative e-book!

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Power Phrases: The Perfect Words to Say It Right and Get the Results You Want
Have you ever needed to express yourself, but did not because you could not find the right words? Have you ever walked away from a situation and thought of the perfect thing to say AFTER it was too late? Have you ever given a long explanation and wondered-is there a faster, more effective way to communicate? Power Phrases is the answer to those problems and questions.

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Lifescripts: What to Say to Get What You Want in 101 of Life's Toughest Situations
From dealing with human resources to confronting a backstabber to closing a deal, Lifescripts provides a road map to navigate successfully through the most perplexing, problematic dialogues you may face in the course of your life.
You’ll also find strategic pointers on attitude, timing, preparation, and behavior.

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